Hazem Alqam — Westminster, California

Misogynistic piece of c**p. Doesn’t have time to see me with a week advance notice but at a drop of a hat will travel over 200 miles to have strippers give him a hard on. When I said that it hurt me he said I could f*ck off. I was having a tough time at work and texted him if I could
see him. Turns out, he was across the street from me at his friend”s new place. That’s fine but I asked if he could see me and he said no and that he already went home. Really? You were just right there and can’t come see me when I’m crying texting you? He broke up with me because I guess I was too needy even though I never pushed him and gave him the space he needed and that was the only time I really pushed to see him. He would take me to bikini bars and time after time make comments about other girls and how he would sleep with a Victoria’s Secret model and that one bikini bartender chick is cute but she’s not here right now. She works on Tuesdays. So he has time to go to this sleazy place that doesn’t serve any food but just there for guys to put their arms around girls but doesn’t have time for me. I would text him and he would either not respond back or take two hours. He made me cry on my 21st birthday. I stuck with him because I thought anything that was worth it was worth trying and I had feelings for him {strange since he treated me like c**p and wasn’t even physically good looking}. But he’s not worth anything.

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