Erika Hart – Fontana, California

Let me tell you about this homewrecker. First of all, we were dating I lived with her I would pick her up from work. Little did I know she was talking to some guy at her job. She knew the guy had a girlfriend and that she was pregnant. She broke up with me to be with him. She ended up ruining our relationship and the relationship for the other girl. Everyone talks about it at her job. Last I heard, the guy she left me for is living with the mother of his child and baby and this f**kin s**t is still trying to get some d*ck from him. She has no respect she is a f*ckin s**t. Opens her legs to anyone. Worst b*tch I ever met will f*ck with anyone’s man has no respect!

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  1. If she f**k shes a s**t if she dont shes a b***h. You dickheads need to figure your own s**t out, like maybe youd be better of in a boy-boy romance. Just have to figure out whos gonna be the s**t and who the b***h.

  2. Yeah, sounds like she’s gettin her some here and there and wherever she can meet up with D**k. They’re s***s if they do and cold, evil b*****s if they don’t. Therapy for all involved would be very expensive and probably just a waste of time. I think it’s more of the hormones talking and the consciousness trying to figure it out after the fact. I’m h***y, let’s f**k – ahhhh – what the f**k did I just do, will he respect me in the morning, will she call , blah, blah, blah,,,
    We’re all just squirrels lookin for a nut!

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