Emmylou knops tweaker cheater

This tweaker don’t stop she goe’s around a new burnt out crowd as the saying goe’s “abusive people don’t admit it they just look for new victim’s that believe there lie’s and who new to blame” after beating her kids and turning her daughter in to a WH%$#! She still doesn’t know when to stop even after cheating on her Husband. She still goe’s around find any knew F Boy to cry to till she me tally loses it again! Stay away from this mental lying’ tweaker’ hooker’ Homewrecker and her poser friends that cheerlead her mid life crises abusive drugged out abusive behavior

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  1. That other kid daddyoso she be fukin wid a chump a*s nobody PERIOD low end couch hustler no suprise she gonna be a lesson no blessin! Slouch azz n***a no heart or real game lol have to dope’em up to ride pathetic…She gonna find out worthless hype fake fuc lol no real man hope was worth it s**t and stay out my homie’s DM’S he don’t need your drb’s or lie’s tweaker azz ho f*****g desgrace us a hiding azz b***h just like yo BABE! The truth come out now Hoe!

  2. O d**n I know of her wow. Yup she had to start over cause she f****d up everything. I told her ex years ago there was something not right. Went full r****d ha! Well good I wasn’t concerned about her lie’s feel bad for there kids her ex a good person though what a dumb a*s. Truly maked no sense why she did it but drug heads R’ druggie’s

  3. F this Ho and this S***s Hype and Hype Boy! What a loser mental BS! Claimed it’s her life style B***h your a loser, dope w***e, abuser, liar. An you keep with the same company!

  4. Hey I no this b***h from. East county she was a w***e then f*****g any one for a fix! Still taking on the same s**t it looks she had a kid with that megan’s law Pedophile John Rundle or sickboy what a loser she thought he was cool lol! I use to f**k too.

  5. This f*****g disgrace’s real still on paper only Husband is such a catch great father humble. I would have lost my s**t i’m so proud of him not stooping to this gutter b*****s level. She can lie all she wants. Block all the real peps that new them so she can build her lie’s no one hurts & Abuses kids then walks away clean Babe.

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