Emmylou Knops — San Diego, California

I just got into town and Checked in with my boy! Come to find out what I said meany years ago came true. EMMYLOU KNOPS. Is a “Home Wrecker” scum of the highest calibur. When my boy was on his world tour she cheated on Him with a younger guy she met through IG! She would take this Chump in front of the kids at there house and they saw it all. On top of doing drugs…Again and wrecking a good marriage Emmy…Karma will get you. Your not a real women you claim to be. A real women Handles theres not lie, cheat, steal. And set a bad example as a “mother”. He is your start of a gold star for being a “Lot Lizard” you shoul be a shamed of yourself you sick F#$%! You thought you could mess up a good man but you woke up a Lion!

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  1. I just swung by and checked the trail for signs of rhinos. My boy, boy, was on safari until recently and he was telling me about all the tourists who were being guided through the jungle by non-speaking natives, which left the tourists clammering for their money back.
    EMMYLOU KNOPS was one of these tourists as it turns out, and she asked my boy if he would guide her around. There was some commotion as I came around a vine-covered tree and heard boy say that that was his treehouse and if she didn’t like it she could just swing on by. Apparently she didn’t like the fact that her new adventure couldn’t start until the next day. She started raising h**l, saying she wanted to know where to get drugs and alcohol to loll herself to sleep. I looked at boy and boy looked at me, both of us realizing she would probably be waking up the lion. We pointed towards the waterhole and cut off on a path through dense foliage, leaving her to her own devices. She was last seen swatting at flies and trudging in the direction we had pointed.

  2. Woooo makes sense,,,,, I live in town I’ve seen her in his car that Mercedes emmy’lou’s husband owns. I new that wasn’t her real man in the front seat holding hands. What a rancid azz B***h. I also have seen that sancho with other girlz too there great for each other !: so sorry for there kidz…… what a lady/street walker’ real class act” did she not know or forgot her husband is famous?!?! Stoopid ho;)

  3. F**k this bird b***h straight Lying w***e what “mother” let’s her under age daughter smoke weed and sleep with guys plus drink alcohol then dress like a s**t while she cheer leads it all. Then beats her boys because they don’t want to have anything to do with it and beats them to hide the fact she is cheating on her real man! In what world is that logical? What a sorry excuse for a woman. Emmylou is the lowest of the low you hiding a*s b***h! Well its great to know the truth is out there to see this s**t for what she is for ever.

  4. This b***h is lame and fuck8ng stupid. If she can do that to her real man and her very one kids what makes you think she really cares about other simple minded people

    1. Hey I no this b***h from. East county she was a w***e then f*****g any one for a fix! Still taking on the same s**t it looks she had a kid with that megan’s law Pedophile John Rundle or sickboy what a loser she thought he was cool lol! I use to f**k too. An now she’s on to porch monkeys who would have thought lol!

  5. Your a Disgrace to every one that now know you lying b***h. An you had my kids with your kids around that gang member b***h! Its one thing to f**k your family s**t but you brought that POS around my family children b***h!

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