Emmylou knops Married cheater

I just added her on social media. She told me she was married. I see this shocking post OMG! who does this!!! What mother/wife would do that to her own family! Needless to say after typing in her name I was horrified to see what she really is. We go to school I can’t bring myself to confront her. With that said Emmylou I can not just stand by and watch a s**t like take advantage of good people.

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  1. I’ve known her man for over 17 years, he’s not perfect (as no human is) but he’s a good man! He works hard for his family, and loves his kids. Everything he does is for them! I can’t believe all of this c**p that she has done! It’s disgusting! In front of your kids!? Seriously!? You are a special kinda piece of s**t! That man worked his a*s off so you could be a comfy stay at home mom, and you spend his dimes on your bullshit… also stealing money from him, cheating, and being abusive….. anyone who winds up with this hoe, you get what you get. Don’t turn your back and trust her. Oh and btw, what kind of mother ALLOWS her young teen daughter to do drugs and have s*x with boys in her house under her watch!? What mother doesn’t go see her kids!?Seriously? That’s just insanity. Don’t even try to call yourself a good person! Why would try to say that he had a stolen car, when that is the furthest thing from the truth! But you and your new man gonna get a van, to visit who? The kids you abused that you haven’t seen lately? You are lowest of low, and deserve NOTHING, but the misery you brought to yourself! How dare you take advantage of one of the few good ones! Don’t believe ANYTHING this lying b***h says! You get what you put out!

  2. This emmylou Liar and a No good gutter for w***e PERIOD! I know her x husband is a great man what a trap b***h if you ever read this you deserve nothing less jail and agony for what you have done! Stay out the river bottom!

  3. Hey I no this b***h from. East county she was a w***e then f*****g any one for a fix! Still taking on the same s**t it looks she had a kid with that megan’s law Pedophile John Rundle or sickboy what a loser she thought he was cool lol! I use to f**k too.

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