Elizabeth Hudack Phillips — San Diego, California

Hide your man because while you’re faithfully awaiting his arrival from a 7 month deployment with you and your husbands daughter , you will shortly find out that he is leaving you and your happy marriage to this marines w**** . 3 years later they are married and just had a daughter this week. This b***h will ruin your life and take everything away because she cant help but spread her nasty military banged v****a. Now my daughter has to grow up with a homewrecker as a stepmom and a half sister that came from homewrecker s**t. Her disgusting smile might just lure your cheating man in. She pretends to have a great reputation because shes an officer in the marines here at miramar base for 1 more year or less. Who know where she will go to after but make sure this s**t doesn’t get near your man because she will spread her legs for anyone and everyone.

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