Dustin Brooks — Studio City, Los Angeles

lured a family member of ours into the ‘mountains’ apparently to see a fire. She being gullible, agreed her mistake, although she unknowingly trusted him, he insists on s*x, she says it’s wrong and he continued to date rape her. She as a result contracted an STD from him, one of which he probably does not know he has. And worst if he does know, He had a condom and intentionally took it off to infect her. He is trash. He has a small 4 inch d**k, and that is why he abuses girl, he has had some dirty threesome, what we know of 2 guys and a girl, tried to get our family member and her friend to do the same dirty ****. He called it peppermint or some dumb ****. Dirty s*x, anything to have his way, send this jackass a letter at myspace.com brooksdustin check the lapd files if you need further information, but most of all spread the word about this jackass, he thinks he’s gonna be a movie star, and now we will put an end to that dream. He has used girls and is against all that is decent.

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