Dr. Michael Steuer – California

Holy moly! Thanks everyone for the alerts, bless you for saving me and many other ladies from this creep and his damaged goods! Men like this need to be stopped and smart people need to Google and background check everyone met on the internet, it’s worth the couple bucks. I have been chatted with Dr. Michael Steuer for a couple months, never met him since he seems to only be available at strange hours early AM or late at night which was my first clue. He also lied about his location for weeks claiming to be ins business trip when he actually posted he lives in Paciific Palisades but actually works and lives in Mississippi. He advertises on Twitter that he’s 48, yet he looks 75 and his in medical license he’s 58. He immediately launches in with dirty text messages and straight to hardcore s*x. I caught him in several lies, stupid ones not worth telling for a doctor claiming to have graduated from Harvard. I asked him to stop contacting me several times, blocked him and he refuses to stop and finds other avenues into my life. He’s a stalker and about to face another legal battle if he doesn’t cease his actions! My attorney checked him out and we found the mother load of sickness with this man and many legal issues. Sadly, he’s beating down a dead woman from what I can see online Heidi died of Pancreatic Cancer in August. As a disclaimer, he never cheated on me since we never met but I can attest to his actions and that he’s a pathological liar and mentally abusive. He told me he wanted to only date me and his actions and the multitude of posts on various websites said otherwise. He is also listed to be spreading STDs with men and women. BEWARE!

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