Dinoran Martinez — Monterey Park, California

I recently found out this s***k has been sleeping with my husband for the past 3 years. When I contacted her she claimed to have no idea he was married which is a crock of BS! She’s never met his family, been to his home or spent the holidays with him so how is that possible? My kids are now suffering tremendously as a result of all the havoc this has caused. Chick needs to find a man of her own to take care of her and her kids and leave mine alone!!

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  1. Dinoran likes to put a down payment on a married man, then flips things around and he’s soon making the payments and more. She invests a little time and energy, sexes him up, then thinks he’s hers to do with as she wishes. It works for a quick minute, until he realizes he’s overpaying for something he doesn’t need, then he remembers he’s got a wife, a family, then he starts feeling overcharged. He hates to feel as if he’s getting ripped and soon, goes back to his wife and kids. Old girl, Dinoran, is on the lookout for a new candidate to make a down payment on, considering a long-term lease, she’s getting tired and wants something comfortable and easy to slip into, like a single man that’s she’s capable of manipulating into making her easy payments.

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