David Benhamo — San Jose, California

Hi, This is hard to describe all of what happened, but here’s part of my story: David, I thought he was a nice guy, in the US from a different country and needed a tiny bit of help. I didn’t mind at first, I travel a lot and enjoy having friends from different countries, but with David, I’ve come to the end-of-the-line. He lies, lies, lies about almost everything. He borrowed money from me (yes I admit I was very foolish to do this) last December, and when I politely ask for repayment the story is always the same “I have no money.” No money? He just bought a car, cash (he cannot get a loan or credit cards-he’s here illegally) $4,000.00, recently went off to NY, paid cash for that too, but he never has any money to pay me back, not even a dinner out-I pay everytime. I should add that I felt sorry for this guy, since he overstayed his US tourism Visa and in the process of trying to become a citizen. He asked me to be a sponser and I agreed. Brought my tax returns etc to his lawyer so she could begin the process for him for the Green Card. He even married a girl and pays her for this marrige-all to get the Green Card. They don’t live together-this is strictly an arrangement for the Green Card. Continuing on, whenever I’m at his house an endless parade of his fellow countrymen drop by, they are constantly getting high, and David eventually falls asleep. The s*x? Second worst in my life! The first time he hit me many times-enough to leave a big bruise on my b**t. Referred to me as “his b***h” and slapped my b*****s too! I never had an experience like this before in my life!! I told him I would not be with him again if he did this violence, and he toned it down, but it didn’t stop. A “dream” of his was to go to Vegas. He promised to pay his share, but asked me to make the arrangements since he’s not good on the comp and he has a problem with English. I did it, but at the last minute somebody didn’t pay him, and it’s the “I have no money, I can’t help it, I will pay you back.” I’m still waiting. Then this guy has the nerve to want to go to Hawaii with me and have me pay! “I have no money and I want to be with you, and I love you.” Uh huh sure. Sorry for this long blah, blah, but I’ve had it. Last night, after another great evening of his friends and him getting stoned, the him falling asleep, I woke him up, told him I had it and wanted the money he borrowed from me back. Got really p****d, told him what I really thought of him, then he said
he wasn’t going to pay me, (oh what a shock-the truth finally came out I say) and for the first time in my life I hit someone. The nuckles of my left-hand (I’m right-handed) against his face. He was shocked and I think bleeding, it was dark. I’m sorry to say this, but it really felt good! So, to sum up: 1- He likes violent s*x. 2- Always stoned. 3- Always wants another to pay. 4- Never pays back anything. 5- Lies, and more lies. 6- Rips people off in his job. Thinks it’s funny. 7- Basially has no idea how to treat a woman, is disrespectful and is lacking in honor and integrity. He also has many tickets, his drivers license is now suspended and the moving company who employs him (his boss was getting loaded with him last night)knows this, and still lets him drive the moving truck! My next action is to text (I never want to talk or see him again) him, demand my money be sent to me via Western Union immediately, or I contact the authorities let them know of his suspended licence, and that he’s driving trucks with this moving company. They’ll arrest him and presto there goes his Green Card application. As an aside, he has laughed hysterically several times about ripping off people his moving job; charging exsessive fees for tape and boxes is apparently a favorite trick with moving companies. Not only him, but his fellow moving friends, and even his boss had a good laugh about this! Referred to Americans as “stupid” and laughed again when telling the story of how one lady broke out into tears when she saw the bill and couldn’t pay it, but their attitude was pay or we store your stuff and you pay more. These are horrible heartless people. Thank you for reading my story. I hope it made some sense. I feel like such an idiot for being with this guy and around people like that. It’s nice to have this forum to warn other women. I would welcome any comments or suggestions as to what do do about this guy David to get my money back and to stop his thief friends from ripping off other people. I’m so upset, I can’t recall if my email address is made available, but it’s lillithb1@gmail.com Thanks again. I hope I made sense. Good luck to all of you!

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