Dale Allen — Bakersfield, California

This man is a con. He appears to be a hard working, good old boy. He is a shape shifter and very charming. Once he feels you are trapped he will abuse you. Both verbally, physically and emotionally. He has gotten physical on several occasions but is not likely to hit you if you comply with all his demands. He does not appear to have this character at all. Don’t be fooled there is another side. He abuses his wife while lying that he is divorced. He is a cheater. I left because he was abusing me and 5 days later he posted on Myspace” DATINGPSYCHOS.COM PROFILE: “Occupation: Mechanic” “Dale is a shape shifter. He lured me in by pretending to be a family man. He is not, he is very selfish. He is not what he appears to be. At first you think….he is a simple man, hardworking, easy to please, no pressure, good friend. He tells a sad story about his ex and his parents. He will get you to feel sorry for him. Don’t be fooled. He has lied to me, cheated on me, hit me, pushed me, twisted my wrists, sat on my stomach when I was 8 months pregnant. He would take the keys away from me and leave me stranded if we were out. Once he left me and my kids out at the lake. He has kidnapped our children more than once. He brings them back after he makes me beg for hours and promise to do what he wants. He uses them as blackmail. He is very cruel and cold blooded and must have his way at all times. He seems the opposite of this when you first meet him. He told me his first wife was a b***h and wouldn’t do what she was supposed to do. Now he says that about me. When I finally left he was yelling at me in front of the kids. “fine go ahead and leave, get the F out of my house”. Then he started following me all around the house when I was trying to get my things, saying get the Fout now! He is very intimidating, controlling and cold. 5 days after I left he posted on myspace. He said he is divorced, lied about his income. Said some very hurtful things to pick up women. He even posted our children’s pictures on myspace. He is a cold blooded jerk. He calls
names and says extremely cruel things. He makes threats like “you will pay” or “you are not going to like what happens to your life”. DO NOT have children by him. Once you are trapped he changes into a monster. I was held hostage by him for years. Don’t believe his malipulations. Look up his myspace in Bakersfield, CA. Oh and he has his ex~wife on there as one of his friends I wonder if she knows he refers to her as a fat b***h. He also has the woman he cheated on me with as one of his friends. He is a pig.Very abusive. I can’t even recall all the horrible things he has done to me, but it got very bad. He has a very cold and controlling side to him that you would never believe if you met him. He
calls names, yells and intimidates to get control. By the way, he likes strong women, those who wouldn’t put up with this, I guess it is a
challenge to him. Beware. He trapped me because of the kids.

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