Colby Geller — California

Compulsive liar. Lies about dead relatives. Lies about his mom having cancer. Lies about being on dating sites and sees multiple women at once. He has a long history of lying and cheating. He cheated on his wife. He was caught cheating on four women at once in 2012. He was caught recently keeping a relationship going with two women in California for over a year while actively using hook-up apps for s*x and actively searching for another relationship in Texas. He admitted to sleeping with a married woman while maintaining the two relationships until those two found out about each other. He has been accused of spiking a colleague’s coffee with meth amphetamine and exhibits behaviors strongly suggestive of meth abuse (skin problems, teeth problems, long trips to the bathroom, white snot trails from his nose, extreme s*x drive). He claims to be at work when he is really out scamming women. Has admitted to spiking a woman’s drink (his wife) with Benadryl. He has no remorse and is an infallible liar. Do not trust this man or anything he says.

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