Christine “Tokee” Cho — Los Angeles, California

This crazy hoe who’s name is Christine loves doing drugs and being a w***e, And she is d**n good at it. The only problem is she is to loose it’s hard to stay inside her p***y. Christine honey here is some advise no one wants you stretched out p***y they do not get their dicks back. This b***h has slept with and had cheated on so many men we have lost count. She needs to stop trying to sell her p***y It’s too loose no one want’s it, honey. Christine has these bumps all in her mouth and on her body gross. She is very amazing at what she does tho.

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  1. Christine can’t get it right with people who hate her for being smarter than they are and prettier than they are. she’s a nerd in the drug and w***e community, a faster fish in the sea of cretins who she swims circles around in the side hustle w***e game. Drugs help.

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