Christine Foster aka “Chrissy” — Fresno, California

Chrissy came after a married man with sexting and dating. She knew he was married and sought him out. He had a 6 month old baby and 3 other kids yet she pursued him day after day for 3+ years. As her family owns the biggest p**n shops in town her family has money. She took him on trips and bought him things without regard of his family or marriage. Bought a dog for him to give his kids. Begged to be around his kids. He came clean and moved out while trying to work on the marriage she continued calling and seeing him. Claiming to need help with family illness just to call him. After he moved out of state with his wife she still calls him and asks to see him when he visits family in town. She’s got no job and a new baby with someone else, but still calls him. Shes Very proud to have broken the marriage and never apologized for her pathetic actions.

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