Christina De La Pena — San Jose, California

If you are ugly, you can’t hang with me and my girls. We’re looking for rich d**k and we don’t want to be associated with non-plastic people. We’re all super artificial and that’s exactly what a rich boy wants, a piece of arm plastic. How do you like these big seagull wings over my ugly eyes? My freckles are bumpy, like sand warts. I’ve had a*s fat injected into my lips, don’t they look puffy? I’m so fake I can’t believe myself. I’m very, very ugly inside but makeup helps fool most people. Did I fool you, do you think I’m hot??

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  1. it dont get mo real than this ho
    she suck a d**k if she think a n***a got a blunt
    u have to light it for her
    she dont kno how to make it spark

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