Bruce Dorsey – Oakland, California

He has two children he does not take care of. He has an on again off again girlfriend Joy, who when you are FRIENDS with Bruce, he always fabricates the relationship to what it is NOT and she is violent and wants to threaten you and kick YOUR a*s all the while he sits back and watched the show. He has only worked ONE job in his life, for less than ONE MONTH. He is 43 years old and still lives with his FATHER. He is lazy, hyper-critical, and BLAMES his 14 year old daughter for being promiscuous, while he is A DEADBEAT DAD! You help a brother while he is down, and he does his best to gather personal information about you, then he causes TROUBLE for you at your job. He cannot take NO for an answer. He is gay, and hates women, he is extremely jealous of women. Very effeminate. He is always trying to PIMP WOMEN, pit them AGAINST EACH OTHER, while he USES YOU FOR ANYTHING HE CAN GET. His ex wife in Tracy, or Manteca will tell you everything about this LOSER, I am sure”

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