Bailey Mattingly – ‎Los Angeles, California

Bailey/Misty/Paisley is the same w***e with different names. She calls her drd’s Gonnorhea/Syphilis/Rabies/etc., all catchy and contagious. More than one cheater has lost everything in divorce proceedings after taking some of this b***h’s drd’s back to their wife. Don’t lose everything, wear rubber or two!

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  1. When we hooked up, she was going by the name Batty, and I thought, how appropriate, a dingbat called Batty. She’s easy on the old eyes but preoccupied, and smelled like she was perfuming over sweat from the last guy she f****d instead of washing up. She kept checking her phone like she was juggling appointments and isn’t capable of holding a conversation. She did what she was payed to do, sucked a cheaters’ d**k, and got on down the steps. I think she’s just an ordinary trick and she wasn’t dressed like she is in this picture, if so, I would have had her call me daddy and role played a little with her. Overpriced nut!

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