Ashley Liz Cooper – West Hollywood, California

Ashley Liz Cooper is a cheater times two. Her boyfriend was getting whatever she threw his way, sloppy seconds or sloppy thirds. She was banging a married guy from work and another one who had a girfriend. One of them was a ‘friend’ of her boyfriend, but he never revealed he was f*****g Ashley the s**t. Maybe he was embarrassed? She’s not much to look at but seems awful nasty, a quick f**k who won’t blow a w***e’s cover. Sometimes she plays an angle, like when she tried to bring a sexual harassment case against her boss. She only f****d him to get promoted and then she wanted to be done with that d**k and move on to other c***s. She claims it only happened because her boyfriend was out of the country, but any excuse will do when you’re a w***e.

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