Amanda Chilekezi — San Diego, California

She is a disgrace to African women! We were friends and even went to a Vegas trip together. Amanda stole over $300 in cash from my suitcase when she was alone in our suite together. It was locked in a safe, which only she and I had access to. She denied it and blamed housekeeping, even though the safe was locked and the combination was one of those you program yourself. There is no way anyone else had access to that safe! Amanda will be your best friend in the beginning. After a while your friendship turns into a competition which is just silly. She is extremely insecure and it manifests in the way she treats others. She will spread lies about you to the point of ruining your relationships and then smile to you to your face. Her whole life is a facade. She detests working but has no other way to support her buying clothes & shoes on her credit card. She fancies herself a “blogger” (Instagram: mandychillz) but in reality she lives in a one bedroom apartment which she rents. She doesn’t even own a home. Her husband works to support her spending habits. Speaking of her husband, she speaks ill of him around her girlfriends. She needs someone who is not very nice to her to put her in her place. Beside stealing money from me, badmouthing me and adamantly denying it, alienating me from my friends and family, she tried to turn everything around on me and say I stole from her, that I lied about her, that I was the one that betrayed her! I have looked up her personality traits and determined that she has borderline personality disorder. Everything is black and white, no gray area. She will split people against each other for her own selfish pleasure. And worst of all she will never ever admit her wrongs. It always is everyone else’s fault and never her own. She is incapable of taking responsibility for her actions and I can only imagine what it is like to live with her or work with her. One more thing I’d like to share is that I had a smal gathering at my home one time. She went inside to use the bathroom and when she came out she asked me “what’s wrong with your dog?” I then checked on my little pup and he was whimpering. I ended up taking him to the vet & it turns out his leg was fractured! Every time he saw Amanda after that my dog would whimper or bark very loudly! It sounds unreal but I believe she did something to hurt my dog! I would not put it past her! To this day, although I have cut off all contact with her she continues to belittle me, harass me, and badmouth me to our many mutual friends. She has even created fake profiles about me on dating websites along with publishing my real full name, my work number & cell number! I began receiving strange calls on my phone, it turns out “someone” put up a fake profile on Craigslist selling iPhones. I know it’s fake because it listed my name as the seller & my phone number. How could it be an accident if it’s my real name and number? I have no enemies in this world but somehow she has chosen to be hateful & has betrayed me when it was as if we were sisters. I felt it about time to give her a taste of her own medicine & expose her as the person she really is! One day karma will hit her hard!

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