Alisha Hanif — Hayward, California

This woman is very vindictive and is so not to be trusted with your man or anything else. She will play like she is your one true friend but the whole time she is pretending to be your friend, Because she wants your man and she gets him to f**k her while you are gone or at work. She will even clear out your bank account when your not looking, And your precious things of value will be gone too. She will make d**n sure your joy of living life is gone too. She will ruin your life but thinks she is better than you.

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  1. You can’t trust Alisha with anything. She steals men and phones and, one time, she stole a tattoo gun from an artist and sold it at the p**n shop. She got with a married man and gave him a little some-something that he took back and re-gifted to his wife who kicked his a*s out after she had to go to the clinic for the cure for the “gift.” Note to all cheating a******s: wrap it up and don’t re-gift drips and sores and and things that require doctors and medicine to get rid of, it’s just not good for a healthy relationship.

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