Alfred Lopez — Corona, California

I am the stepfather to a sweet nine year old girl named Abigail. She’s smart, happy, and energetic. She holds her father Alfred Lopez in high regard,and I do nothing to diminish that in her eyes.He was not happy about me dating his ex,going as far as to visit my home with his three brothers to intimidate me.He has not paid any measurable amount of child support in her nine years of life.I am happy to support her and her mother but it has been difficult. He works under the table at Gomez Tires in Riverside,Ca. for friends whom conceal his income. DCSS has been less than helpful in investigating. The irony of everything is that he actually makes more than myself. He has told us that he refuses to pay for my wifes hair and nails.He has visitation rights, which we don’t fight because we feel every child should have interactions with both parents and Abigail should not suffer for her father’s irresponsibility. In the Hispanic culture, children often live with their parents until they’re married off but thirty three might be pushing it. His parents also support his two older brothers, which is sad considering they are retired. If nothing else, maybe venting on this site will be therapeutic for myself. Please, all parents, teach your children the importance of responsibility so we don’t become a society of adult dependants. Thank you and G*d Bless.

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