Alexis Sherrod — Los Angeles, California

Alexis never had such good d**k until she got with Jacob and then fell in l**t. He cheated on her with multiple whores and it’s a wonder she doesn’t have a DRD since he crept back on several occasions. She couldn’t say no and can’t say no and won’t say no, she’s in l**t, it’s a lot like denial, deep.

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  1. I saw her at the Mall with a Jamaican dude with dreads and they seemed like f**k buddies to me. Maybe she’s finally getting over Jacob? Watch out Rasta Mon, this crazy b***h will make you smoke Ganja 24/7.

  2. Alexis never mentions Jake anymore, she’s growing dreads and talking about moving to Jamaica, New York. There’s a big Rastafarian fan club close to the airport. If she meets a clown who wants an infected f**k and doesn’t have a green card, they can catch a flight for the islands and write songs about drd’s.

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