Alejandro Celis Molina – Santa Ana

Manipulating married man that will send you messages on Facebook asking if you want to blow him and keep asking you for photos. His Profile shows his married and with his wife and will keep sending messages, sent one to me and my friends on there and will ask you to meet him at home or at his work for a “good time” whatever that means. Be careful ladies there are many creeps out there. This is one piece of s**t married man that will f**k anything that moves.

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  1. He was f*****g the neighbors’ rooster and got caught. His kids almost disowned him but taught him how to go online for his perverted kicks so he wouldn’t embarrass them by landing in the news again. He never admitted guilt but settled the claim with the very p****d off neighbor for a couple hundred dollars plus court costs. He got lucky, he didn’t even have to register as a s*x freak.

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