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The installers from Window World carelessly and unsatisfactorily installed 3 windows at my home yesterday. The installers first started their jobs by taking hammers and beating out the glass from the old windows with no protective coverings and minimal coverage of the ground where the glass fell. Shards of glass were everywhere causing a huge safety concern. I had to sweep and pick up shards myself. Next the installers unacceptably caulked the windows leaving large smeared areas of caulk on my walls. Then the installers broke one of my display pieces and damaged another due to their careless actions of moving furniture. No one communicated with me the need to move items. I would have done it myself had I known. The installers also did not cover my new floors or furniture in the area where they worked so dust was everywhee and my brand new floors were chipped. Again, no one told me I needed to cover things or I would have. I was told in fact by the salesman Danny that the install would be an “outside” install. That was not the case. The supervisor Daniel came to assess the damage done at my home and cleaned the windows breaking a tile where my hose sits. Daniel offered many excuses for the subpar work including “caulking requires finesse” when explaining the horrible caulking job. He also said my “expectations were mismanaged” which I took to mean that having clean caulk lines and my home respected is too high of an expectation for Window Worlds normal customer service. Daniel also told me that the salesman miscommunicated information to me basically internally blaming another co-worker of his company for the fiasco vs taking ownership for his installers’ unacceptable work. Customer service reps at the 1-866 number were rude and condescending. I requested a call from a supervisor named Brian ***** but he has yet to call and offer to make this right. As my daughter told the supervisor Daniel, would anyone in the Window World organization be ok with this caliber of work being done in their home? I truly think not. I hope Window World and all the men I’ve had to interact with in an attempt to resolve this are not taking advantage of me because I am a senior woman.

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