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I am a regular customer at Western Beef. The prices they advertise are usually not responsible or doesn’t make any sense. I have been hearing a lot of people who not as fortunate in this neighborhood and they receive public assistance and food stamps mostly the prices are at an all time high during the beginning of the month and at the end of the month they big sales and lower the prices. my issue not only advertising but it is the attitudes of the staff like the floor managers they are inpatient they are nasty they dont speak English if they do its a small amount most of the customers just like my self speak English they dont understand what were saying! they advertise food prices in the windows but when you go inside you cant find the product or another product is in the wrong place of what suppose to be there like for instance they advertise canned corn 2 for a dollar but when you get to the register its another price and they say oh that’s the wrong product.

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