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I always use this supermarket as a source of food supply. The first incident happend when my husband had to use the restroom as this location and as always the lines are long down the isles and there are never enough cashiers on the line the attitudes of the cashiers sucks!!! But getting back to my husband on August i believe, it was sometime in August 2016 that the lines were so long and it so long he had to use the rest room he left his food in the cart and other items that was already purchased and paid for someone that works there took the items out the cart and put the food back when my husband came back the whole cart of food and the items that was purchased somewhere else was gone! They wouldn’t run the tape to show us who took our items we didn’t get any cooperation and no one seen what happend I was so angry and so was my husband. 2) On September ** I went to make a purchase of beer which I had to show my ID but the cashier never gave it back to me I looked for it when I came home only to remember that she never gave me my ID back the next day I inquired about she stated she dont remember were she put it! Then I tried to ask a supervisor named Michelle she walked passed me and bumped my arm so I in return taped her on the shoulders to ask her is there anyway she located my ID I even pointed the cashier that I went to out, instead of her helping me she stated “Don’t touch me”. This is the most unprofessional store I have ever seen in my life and the prices are not even reasonable on top of that they sell old meat and old food and they chicken with hormones they look like turkey legs instead of chicken legs I have had enough of this place and people complain all the time this place is also dirty carts all in the way baskets piled up all the time. This place needs to be shut down!! or remove the whole staff and replace them with a better staff preferably people who speak english and know how to count.

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