Stripe — Dishonest Company!

Stripe closes accounts for no reason and then tries pulling funds from your listed account to cover no charge. We used them and were only testing with know users on our software. There were no charge-backs or anything. We were about to expand and push new users when they closed our account for no reason. They stated someone claimed a charge-back, but no such charge was even made. When asked to show the charge they never would, which made since because only people we knew could make charges as we were testing still. Then they pull money from my bank account for no reason. Not to cover any specific amount. When you try to reach them you cannot call them, they will never call you, and any email you send they will write to tell you they forwarded to another department. From the beginning just integrating them they misled us about weekly limits and complications with their API. Insurance companies are honestly more transparent and reasonable then they are, and I am being serious. Be warned. They dishonest and difficult to reach on purpose.

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  1. this is the biggest scam in the United States right now – prison would be too good for all board members – put them in stripes and let them pick up garbage along the highway

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