Reputation Defender — Liars

After several talks, he promised that he could help fix something that was written about me in a local newspaper that was proven to be untrue. It was agreed that Reputation Defender would take information from me, and write content so that a person who searches my full name would have to scroll to at least the TENTH page before finding slander. One year has passed and the final product is NOT was I was told or promised per my contract (which is vague and lets people know that they can change the contract at any time). When my name is searched, you can find the slander on page two, and this has been the case the entire year of the contractual agreement which ends in five days. Secondly, they have been repeatedly emailing me that I need to “renew” in order to keep their work online when my name is searched. There was never ANY mention of renewing, This was a one-time job with a one-time fee. Finally, their final written product was mediocre to poor, the content was hardly believable. I respectfully ask (after being denied repeatedly by them) to be fully refunded by Wells Fargo bank. They have FOUR complaints already, and there is a reason for this. Their over the phone sales pitch is misleading and deceiving, as is their online contract and policy.

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