Premium Midwest Beef — Sold us Awful Meat!!

Bought frozen meat products from back of a meat truck that was advertised by a local radio station. My husband was assured business was legitimate so he bought $269.00 beef and seafood variety sold in boxes properly sealed. This was on 5-13-17. Meat was awful!! Since the business was in Louisiana I contacted business various times. Finally, Cynthia called me back on 8-15-17. They could not refund 100% since complaint was over 30 days old but she assured me that I would receive a 50% reimbursement back to my visa…which would be $134.50. Waited until 9-7-17. My bank, Wells Fargo, got on a 3 way call assuring business that my account had NOT received the credit to date. She said she would cancel transaction of credit and refund a different visa card (the one originally used). Still no credit. Began calling, leaving Facebook private messages 10-6-17 with the last one being today. STILL no response. I just want them to MAIL me a refund check. I am tired of dealing with a business that won’t answer the phone or call me back. I have contacted them more than 10-15 times with no response…..

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