— Robbing me of my money

What a nightmare PayPal is. I used them since they first merged with ebay and they were great. But now on my recent transactions its a complete and utter disaster. Money got transferred to my PayPal account and they required me to supply identification and made my account “limted” After supplying all this info I got an email saying my account has been returned to normal… Well guess again, Go to buy something on ebay.. Denied, transfer to bank, denied, transfer to my brother,, Denied.. I call and the agents go mute, Contact online support USELESS. They have no information. They tell me HOLD for 72 hours.. Really. You’ve had my money for almost a month.. My money has been sitting in the account since July 19th its not Aug 13th.. Customer has his item and I still don’t have my money. Literally robbing me of my money. I NEED THIS MONEY.. STAY AWAY FROM PAYPAL

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