— Terrible Service

The company was unable to uphold the agreement to repair within the quoted price. The customer service to resolve was completely unacceptable. On 12-23-16, I contacted this garage door company to come out for repairs. The technician did an inspection and noted that the rollers were bad and needed to be replaced. He also mentioned to his trainee that the cable was off, so he had to mark that as a hazard. He quoted me over $1000 to fix the door. I told them I was not going to go with that, he then told me that he could work it down because he had a trainee with him. The whole time he was telling me not to tell the company he did this and they would get upset for not charging me for everything. The total came down to $520 and I asked him if this would resolve my problems and if my door would be fully operational again after the work was done. He responed yes, and so I agreed. He did the work and the door seemed fine. On 12-29-16, one of the cables came off and my door was stuck all the way open. I called them back, and the gentleman I spoke to said that I did have a warranty on the service provided, however the technician filled out my invoice incorrectly and it was not reflected on the current one he had emailed me. He re-wrote the invoice and emailed me a new copy with warranty information. The gentleman then told me to hold. When he returned to the phone he said the technician would not be able to come out until the next morning, so I had to leave my garage door open overnight. On 12-30-16, the technician came out to my home and told me he must not have noticed the first time that the cable had kinks and would need to be replaced. He wanted to charge me $180 for a new cable. I declined to pay and told him I would go elsewhere. After I declined, he said he had to loosen the main spring above the door to keep it from shooting up. He did so, and left in an unfriendly mood. I called the company to talk to them about the situation, to which I was continuously transferred to a voicemail. Each time I would call back and tell them I wanted to speak to a person. After calling back about 10 times, I finally reached Mykala who hung up on me during the conversation. I called again and managed to get to speak to her again, and I was hung up on again. I called back several more times and after the 15th time, I was reached Brianna who claimed to be the head of customer service. I told her my situation and explained how much trouble it was to even get to talk to her. She looked at my paperwork and told me my cable had been marked a hazard and that meant it should have been replaced on the first visit. I told her the technician did not tell me that and he only saw a problem with it the second time he came out. She told me how I must have declined to have the cable replaced, and how the price was worked down to $520. I told her they did not deliver on what they had said they would since I was told the door would be in working order when the technician left the first time. I also reinforced if I had been told it was going to be $700 to begin with, I would have declined service. I that point I told her I wanted my money back or my garage door fixed properly without extra charge. She told me they would do neither. I called back a few days later to see if I could speak to someone else that was above Brianna. I reached her again and asked to speak to someone else above her. She said there was no one else above her. I explained the situation again, which she acted like I gave her new information. She said she would call the technician and speak to him. She put me on hold for at least 20 min, came back to the line and told me the technician told her a different story. She also said the technician would call me the next day to discuss it. She told me it would do no good. She also refused to give me the owners name or information and said I could mail a letter that would also do no good. I ended up hanging up on her again. I have a far more detailed statement that won’t fit here.

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