— Door wasn’t properly installed!

Door wasn’t properly installed, they guaranteed repair on parts not done didn’t fix problem purchased garage door and installation on 04/08/16 and paid $911.88, on 09/16/16 garage door fell completely off track due to improper installation. We called and spoke to Brian and someone to come out at 8:00 on 09/19/16. We called 3 times to find out where they were they didn’t show up until 10:30 a.m. with Dakota. They Ashley confirmed it was going to be 89.00 for service call and 169 for labor a total of $259.00 and I stated that Brian informed me that it would only be 89.00. They put the door back up but did NOT replace any of the parts that were broken and twisted. On 09/25/16 the garage door fell again. We called immediately and spoke to Susan and she stated our account was in collection and no one could help us. For the 09/19/16 service call no one called us back to make payment because we spoke to Kenny the service manager and that he would be lowering the bill to what it should be. Also we requested to speak to the manager and no one would speak with us. I called on 09/26/16 3 times to speak to someone and they just said someone would call back. No one did. I had to hire someone else to come out and fix my garage to put it back up but the parts are still broken and the door was not installed correctly to begin with so this will keep happening. Horrible customer service…no one could help us and will not call us back.

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