First Data Merchant Services — Absolute Nightmare

This company has been dishonest from the beginning of my relationship with them. They work in deception and have awful customer service. They intently curbed multiple attempts to pay off my remaining invoice, overcharged me on multiple occasions, hung up on me when I called to make payment arrangements, and debited accounts that specifically were agreed wouldn’t be. Hundreds of dollars were stolen from me because of poor communication and misleading information, all over a $120 debt. Employees provide different answers to the same questions and making any sort of progress with them has been an absolute nightmare. I’m sure customer service is challenging but there’s zero excuse for their disrespect and shady business practices. This was a simple debt from a lease that should have taken 4 minutes on the phone to arrange closing the account. In stead it’s been drug out 8+ months. No further contact by the busi My hope is that someone who potentially may do business with these people is saved the pain and anguish. I would never for any reason ever have any sort of account with this company ever again.

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