— Sold me bad battery

In or around late November 2018 I brought my vehicle to Beaverton Auto Body to get some front end cosmetic damage fixed. A day or two after dropping off the car, an employee there, called to inform me that “one of their guys had left my car door open overnight and it had killed the battery”. He told me that they were replacing the battery and apologized for the mistake. After the car was returned to me the battery became disconnected. I opened the battery compartment under the hood to inspect the battery and leads and saw that there was a problem with one of the leads. It looked damaged and was completely loose from the battery connector. I tightened it and was then able to start the vehicle. The problem continued and the connection continuously came loose. I brought the vehicle back to them and explained to Jeff what was happening and that I wanted the problem fixed and a better quality battery put in, because they replaced mine with a cheap Napa auto parts battery. Around that point another employee/possible owner came out and interjected into the conversation. When he heard me describing the problem and the great inconveniences they had caused me and that I expected a different battery, the other employee stepped up chest to chest with me, began screaming and cursing at me, telling me to leave and that they were not going to do any repairs. I then called the Beaverton police department and briefly explained the situation and asked if an officer could come out because I wanted to speak with Jeff about getting the car fixed without having to worry about being attacked three weeks out from having brain surgery. An officer came out and the other employee went back inside and Jeff came out. He then got another employee from the shop and they fixed the broken leed to the battery but did not replace it. The officer left, as did I as soon as the Leeds were fixed. I did not feel comfortable staying. Now, 3 months later, the battery is 100% dead.

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