Tamanna Sharma is a gutless w***e who ruined my family. She worked with my man for over a year as a nightshift cleaner for Assetlink at Sydney Domestic Airport. She added him on Facebook and knew that he was a taken man with 2 young children (4yr and 7yr) but still had the audacity to write suggestive comments on his profile where all our family and extended family could see. She’s known to crack dirty jokes every chance she gets at her place of work, throws herself at anyone who even looks at her. A manipulative, narcissistic piece of s**t who likes to chase married men for the fun of it and when she’s caught out she’ll hide and deny it like a little b*tch even when there’s solid proof and confessions from the man. She regularily invites men around to her house to suck their d*ck and let f*ck her without a condom but claims she’s only had s*x with 2 other men to protect her reputation but the truth is, this std riddled idiot pops morning after pills on a weekly basis. Yet for a person with so little experience, she relentlessly chased my man for over a year. Making a game out of our lives, knowing that we were having issues, she told him she could take him away from his family as if it was all a laugh to her and continued to make advances to him at work. Unfortunately he was desperate enough to go f*ck her and stupid enough to come home with hickeys all over his neck. She didn’t waste time, she wanted to me to find out because the sadistic s**t gets off from ruining lives. To this very day she still denies any involvement and when he told her to apologize to me she said she doesn’t have to because it’s not my business what she does. So now, I’m making sure it’s every else’s business.
She deserves everything she gets.

Moral of the story is, don’t underestimate anyone, ever. Because I’m living proof that even a s**t that cakes her face up bad enough to look like Michael Jackson recovering from surgery, with a munted, overused v****a that smells like a high traffic sewage pipe – can still steal your man and destroy your life. Simply because he gave her the power to.

Fb – naxiyah
Insta – tamusharma
Snapchat – tamusharma
Number – 0426688255

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  1. She’s a dirty smelly ho and a paedophile sympathizer. Her dad sleeps with young girls and she’s that sick that she thinks it’s funny. This pathetic excuse for a human being is just as gutless and revolting as this post suggests. No morals whatsoever.

  2. What a feral s**t.. Her mangled hole sure is popular with all the boys.. lol one of her roommates told me that she’s had 4 guys over in one week and doesn’t even shower after *vomit*
    Drives a 2007 orange ford focus sedan number plate AT 79 EY tell her you’re married and she’ll suck you off the side of the road for free. Wrap your d**k though.
    She lives in Auburn, NSW.

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