Misha Kaura – Australia

Watch out for “Misha Kaura” she is a serial cheater, she will also use you for your money and anything else she can get out of you. She has even told so many lies on her poor mother at our collage UNSW in Australia Misha Kaura even has mail order husbands while she is in a relationship with you. When Misha Kaura was in college I wrote all her assignments and did all her school work for her out of love and now I know I was just used the whole time. She only loves and dates white men and how judgemental is that. She hurt me and cheated with so many men I lost count.

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  1. 1) I never attended UNSW.
    2) I studied science and engineering.
    3) I never had written assignments in college. All of my exams were in person and accounted for my entire grade. I graduated summa c*m laude, on the Dean’s List.
    4) I don’t date, and even if I did date, I wouldn’t date someone from an inferior school who is so stupid they can’t even spell. I don’t even know where UNSW is.
    5) I see nothing wrong with interracial marriage.
    6) Posting my Miss Utah pageant headshot is a DMCA violation.
    7) You’ve been added to a $33 Million lawsuit for defamation in Australian Federal Court. I’m a public figure, my name is copyrighted and patented, and writing libel is a crime.
    8) Australia does not have free speech laws.

  2. It sounds like Misha, Miss Utah, is saying she only dates people who can spell when, and if, she dates, discriminates against others who she claims are stupid, inferior m***********s. Her outrage is palpable, how dare they accuse her! She hates people who use spell-checking services, like grammarly, and probably hates the programmers who created it for use by “inferior” people, people way below her distinguished social status or sense of entitlement, in Australia and the state of Nevada where, all whores are welcome as long as they stay in w***e counties where they belong. NIMBY b***h. Your sense of privilege and integrity are disputed and you rant about misspelled words. You discriminate against stupid people, free speech, cite case law that isn’t really applicable and, most likely, despise the makers of cheap batteries which you probably use in your vibrators. F*****g cheap Chinese imports won’t power your favorite toys. You hate the United States of America for giving “stupid” people free speech and, are so f*****g arrogant and stupid that you, think citizens of this country give a f**k about the laws of Australia. Go f**k yourself, b***h, you probably cheated your way through school, f****d for A’s and blew the dean. And, you are the descendant of prisoners, bad seed, or migrated from a third world country, you came up. Maybe not totally on your looks, but that didn’t hurt. And, that’s due largely to genetics and fewer accidents, not intelligence. That doesn’t make you immune to accusations of cheating, you’re not special, your s**t undoubtedly stinks. Sometimes actresses in this country, the prettier ones, especially, feel a sense of entitlement, too. Some of them are ugly on the inside, as well. I’d wear a rubber if I was f*****g you and I hate condoms, I’d be afraid of catching STD’s. Add that to your moot lawsuit, it’s a waste of time and money, a hamster wheel for attorneys to pimp their alleged specialties – they bribe judges and blow each other, too. Don’t forget nepotism, favoritism and future consideration(s). Welcome to the land of the free, where one of the only things not taxed is speech, we fight for it to stay that way. Under our sense of duty to free speech, we swear, we don’t give a f**k about any laws made by a few to control others. We don’t bow or pray to those with a sense of special privilege or think someone inherits intelligence by birth or through correct spelling. Because they were born with different blemishes, unseen in the mirror, they are entitled to their opinion. We don’t have to like it. I didn’t use grammarly, probably misspelled something, and maybe certain language offends you, I don’t certify that I won’t change my mind, am entirely correct or justified in my assessment of things. I might even agree with some of your opinions, just want you to consider mine, want to push back against your bias, rattle your cage, we have that privilege in the US.
    S T A N K Y B I A T C H !

    1. You sound like a Nutjob who needs to be on medication.

      1) She was born in the US, not Australia. Look it up, idiot. Obviously someone winning American beauty pageants has to be born in the US.
      2) She was in Australia for a few months doing pharmaceutical research to save people’s lives. She was there in 2016 and never took any classes or attended any school; she worked at a hospital doing research.
      3) The poster is a mentally unstable stalker in Australia angry that she wouldn’t marry him. He is an Australian citizen, whereas Misha is an American citizen. The poster had posted multiple libelous items.
      4) As she is engaged to be married, your comments are out of line. She’s an active Mormon who is getting married in December.
      5) You sound like a prole. You don’t even know what case law is or what it means. Her beauty pageant headshot has been stolen so DMCA is the correct case law. Anyone from law school knows that!
      6) As your comments are talking about raping Misha, who is an abstinent virgin, and device masturbation, when Misha follows the Word of Wisdom via her temple recommend, your IP is being subpoenaed and your name will be added to the list. You’re also getting another civil lawsuit for tortious interference and intentional infliction of emotional distress, idiot. Let’s see you try to fight a multimillionaire.

    2. You should be ashamed of yourself for spewing such garbage on the internet. I’m not going to respond to anything but I will say that I’m a lawyer myself–trainee solicitor in the UK–and I’m also a law student at an Ivy League school. I’ve already subpoenaed your IP address and my team of attorneys will make all of this public in case law forever. No need to be jealous of my stunning looks, superior life, superior academics, perfect test scores, number one class rank, and amazing friends. I mean, it’s not my fault I’m brilliant, beautiful, wealthy, hard working, and creative. Some people are just perfect 10s in every category.

      I mean, look at my life, I have a $XXXM company and am already so accomplished despite my young age. Look at what how pathetic your “job” is: you sit around in your Mummy’s basement enabling libel on good people on the Internet, try to extort them to go pay thousands to “arbitration services,” and then threaten rape. My hymen is intact which means I don’t use any kind of device anywhere. But obviously someone as unaccomplished and pathetic as you wouldn’t understand that, since the closest you’ll ever get to my millions and my status is by trying to insult me. I tried, in good faith, to reason with you, but it seems low class and dishonorable people like you only understand one thing: lawsuits. So, you will be sued to the fullest extent of Wyoming law–which, by the way, has no limit on personal injury claims–and fined in the millions.

      It’s a good thing I’m a second degree black belt in karate and an Ivy League law student–I know how to fight back physically and mentally. You’ve picked the wrong girl to mess with. You aren’t getting one cent in extortion fees. I have Congressmen on the phone and I’m friends with every judge. Remember, the smartest kids in law school get to clerk with judges. All of them know me and love me. And you know what that means, right, dingbat? You’re going to pay for each and every damage.

  3. This b***h licks tree frogs to get high and hallucinates about good grades and interracial relationships between species, as she puts it, hypocritical showpiece. Someone wrote all her papers and helped her get good enough grades to squeak by and graduate. She cheated, went purple and then went back to green as in envy when a friend of mine called her out about her scandalous remarks about inferior schools. She cheated her way through school and graduated a SNOB. Keep your opinion to yourself, b***h. Who did you blow to become Miss Utah, the whole Mormon Tabernacle Choir?

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