Jasmine Siswandjo — New South Wales, Australia

A DISGUSTING EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING. Aspiring homewrecker. Would be a fuckboy, just that it’s a she. I wouldn’t want to associate her with being a human or an animal though.

Looks like a walking d***o. Only has b***s at the end, none on top. Probably thinks that way too.

Doesn’t treat fellow women with respect unless if she wants to have s*x with the woman too.

Brings virgin men interested in her to expensive restaurants for him to pay for her food, then dumps them later through text so as to shatter their innocent hearts.

Interested in men in relationships so that she can revel in the delight of f*****g someone else’s boyfriend/ husband.

Doesn’t feel remorse or guilt in the act of cheating. No signs of guilt at all. But then again would you blame a cheat for not telling if she definitely cheated?

Will f**k her friend’s boyfriend, will f**k her sister’s boyfriend, will f**k her sister\\\’s husband, will f**k her mother’s boyfriend, will f**k her mother’s husband. Will f**k anything as long as the target is in a committed loving relationship.

No need to pay her for s*x, she’ll give it to you for free, especially if you have a girlfriend/wife. And yes she’ll invite you to her house for her services.

Nothing long term or loving will ever come out of this hollow, empty vessel.

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