Faith Otani Alimovski – Melbourne, Australia

Meet this real good s**t named Faith Otani Alimovski she is a real gem, She graduated high school just to be a s**t what a waste of her parent’s life savings. She moved to Japan to be a floozy the specializes in blow jobs the very last picture taken of her is on a Japanese floozy site. The only way she can get any attention is bragging about her so-called good b******s yeah ok laughing my b**t off lady. It is very pathetic that all she has to brag about is her b******s and not a job or family wow. Date her at your own risk you will catch a lot of nasty stuff from her.

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  1. Faith graduated from school to know what to look for and when she sees a sick like d**k she knows not to mess with it and let it walk on through town. She got to practice for when she gets hitched up with a man who wants his d**k sucked the right way. She practice on her thumb for a long time now it is time for the rel willi.

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