Anne Newman – Victoria, Australia

Anne Newman had trouble with her telephone when she used to live in miller street sunbury. Her phone would ring night and day, a few rings then stop, then again and again. It rang in the morning, it rang at night, it rang on the weekends, it was relentless. Annes husband was driven to distraction, he called the phone company over and over, they told him the phone was ok. He should have asked Anne for the truth, she knew it was her lover, the paint rep that visited her store telling her that he was thinking about her and that he loved her. If only her husband knew that it would have all made sense.

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  1. Many night Anne would sneak out the window like a blushing schoolgirl, ready to paint the town red. She’d sneak back in just before sunup and curl up on the couch. Her husband was so tired from answering the telly all day and he worked at the store on odd shifts anyway. Why did they always call when he was asleep? Anne got tired of making excuses and just blamed it on the utility co. She was usually wore out herself from all the sneaking, but she dreamed in color.

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