Adrian Johnson – Melbourne, Australia

Serial liar and multiple women he is sleeping with at same time …while he lies to u our face saying he only loves you. He is also a drug addict and theif.

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  1. It’s not only Adrian, it take at least two more to have an orgy, mate. Adrian needs to take part in these activities for the sake of his ego, just imagine him looking at himself from mirror and not taking drugs. The scene would be off the wall and drive a man to dringk. He’s been called a thief of hearts more than once, also stud, player and stallion – although to be honest, that girl was known for exagerating. She would, for example, call 4 1/2 inches 6, just to get another hit. Her ruse always worked with Adrian. Then when she stopped lying, she hit the pipe and it was reported that the drug contained traces of fentanyl. Oops! That’s a lie, whoops, she’s gone!

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