Erik Souza, Monroe, Georgia

Erik souza monroe Georgia dead beat f***t woman abuser sack chaser who has no home no job five kids who he wouldn’t p*** on if he was on fire steals lies and cheats beware HIV monster if seen call 911 he is a risk for himself and everyone around he …

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He cheated me, he was done within half hour and wanted to “renegotiate”, don’t deal with him. He seemed insecure about himself and full of issues, on my way to the hotel I thought he would cancel, he kept texting me about my location. He stiffed me out of part …

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Tim Sparkman, Ennis, Texas

Caught this slime bag cheating with my wife. Talks about god in his MLM presentations, how he loves his family, and is doing all this good work so YOU can live the good life. Need I saw more about the lack of character of this puke?

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310-497-3163 | Joey Canter

Druggie has called twice. Hes been reported on 4 separate occasions by different providers. When you show up the place is filthy multiple guys in the house his name is Joey but he lies n uses his brothers name Dave. He has no money DNS

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American Cash Award – Lottery Scam by phone

Called to say you won a lottery of 2.5 million through American cash award for paying your bill on time and shopping with walmart. Give you number for their line, confirmation number, ask you what you bank with, ask you for your home address. if you don’t give any of …

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Vasana Keokham (Jackson), Dallas, Texas

Everyone avoid Vasana Keokham (Jackson), November 34, formally married to Zach and has twin sister Champa. She has sleeve tattoos on right shoulder. This heartless, unemotional gender confused woman will sweep you off your feet and tell you she loves being a lesbian just to use you for all your …

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I sold a domain on Godaddy. Before payment was made to me, I called to tell the sales rep an old, invalid paypal account was still listed on my Godaddy account. He told me just to add my new Paypal account and it would be fine. It wasn’t. They proceeded …

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