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Matthew Smith of JP Morgan Chase Liar Cheater Pervert London Bournemouth

Matthew Smith,former employee at JP Morgan Chase Bournemouth and London for 10 years is a liar, cheater, pervert into the shady, druggy, gay-*** prostitution world

If anyone ever has the misfortune of dealing with this patently inept and transparently incompetent man, proceed at your peril.
Matthew Smith is known to be a bully at work, and sexually harass and pester his co-workers.
Matt Smith is a pathological liar, cheater, thief, master manipulator psychopath, scammer that lies, steals and manipulates men and women for *** and money.
Matthew Smith of JP Morgan Chase is 38 years old (as in 2018) lives at 29 Darley Road,, London,, United Kingdom, SW11 6SW

According to his fake resume/ CV, which I am going to quote, ” Matthew Smith joined BNP Paribas in March of 2014, where he assumed the role of middle office analyst in the asset management division. Matthew Smith of BNP Paribas is an OTC middle office analyst with almost a decade of experience in finance of a comprehensive portfolio of OTC derivative products both vanilla and exotic, along with derivatives products… Initially beginning as a trade capture analyst in the Global Derivatives services at JP Morgan Chase in London, he undertook several roles and is now working at BNP Paribas Asset Mangement in London as a finance consultant “.
Well , that is a lot of bullshits! Matthew Smith of BNP Paribas lies in his resume/cv , just like he lies about everything else.
Matthew Smith got his job at JP Morgan Chase through one of his friends, that used to work there as well. He did no started to work at BNP Paribas in March of 2014, in fact, Matthew Smith quit his job at JP Morgan Chase in March 2014 in order to go on a *** tourism trip to Asia where he spent several months just for the cheap prostitutes ( ladyboys and even children!! )
Matthew Smith only came back in August 2014 from his *** tourism tourism trip. He found a job at BNP Paribas , again thanks to a friend that work there, and not thanks to his competences!

Nothing that comes out of his ugly mouth is the truth!
Even when he has a girlfriend, Matthew Smith uses dating sites to meet up with trannies /skanks for *** , he pretends to be single when in fact he’s in a relationship.
Matthew Smith lies about his age, claims to be 32 years old but in fact he is 37 years old (in 2017)! lol
Matthew Smith was born 27/11/1980 in Canterbury ( Kent)
You can see the proof here’s his details (including date of birth) given on his company registration:

Matthew Smith also claims on his dating profiles to be looking for a “serious relationship” . How can a scumbag who uses dating sites to cheat can be looking for a serious relationship? In reality Matt Smith will pretend he is interested in you but he is just looking for ***, to fulfill his craving for sucking shemales’ dicks and sick obsession on the Asian ladyboys. He has absolutely no standards and will just *** anyone and anything: men,women,trannies and even animals. Children are not safe with him either as he is also grooming underage teenagers for *** on social medias and goes on *** tourism in Bangkok which is known to attract British pedophiles.

Matthew Smith has genital warts, herpes,HIV/AIDS as well probably, that he contracted from his frequent visits to the cheap brothels in Chinatown and *** tourism in Asia (Asian transexuals prostitutes are his favorites). He will spread it to anyone that sleeps with him without revealing that he has STDs.

Matthew Smith of JP Morgan Chase has the IQ of a worm and is so dumb he actually catched himself cheating:
-He added on facebook the trannies he cheated with. I thought it was suspicious as he kept adding Chinese ladyboys all the time so I contacted one of them, an ugly Thai tranny called Reemy Cass who told me they met on POF and “smithmatt007” (his online alias) told him he was single etc..which was all lies.
Some of the girls/ trannies that Matthew Smith cheated with: Ana Rose Balaga, Faith Dablo, Pandora Amp, Reemy Cass, Lisa Khamprapai, Jaylynn Cali, Ana Teano, Aommie Chonticha, Hannah Faith Dablo, Chongri Mun, Maki Takeuchi, Carolina Salas, Orit David, Carolina Taylor, Christina Kung, Emily Lie, Jiraporn Sangdet, Angie Legaspi, Queensha Luphh, bar prostitute Etha Bastari, and many other
– He saved in his contacts the email adresses of Chinese brothels like “londonbody2body”. Who saves the mail adress of brothels? A Whoremonger !

Be careful! Matthew Smith is looking for *** on every FREE dating sites like Tinder, Plentyoffish, OkCupid etc…and every dating sites that specialize in meeting up Asian shemales ( due to his obsession for Asian transgenders) like Buy-a-Thai-Ladyboy.com etc…
He is also using social medias like facebook, instagram,snapchat etc…to solicit *** to anyone who might be interested in some cash because he offers money for ***. As a result, his facebook friends list is made up at 95% of Asian transexuals prostitutes that dont even know him, other than being one of their clients!

I was -unfortunately- with this loser during 4 years, and he cheated on me with trannies , shemales, ladyboys he met on dating sites and with prostitutes. He also gave me STDs and stole money from me, probably to buy drugs.
He got caught and dumped but people out there need to be warned about this scumbag.

So don’t fall for his lies and bullshits!
Matthew Smith is rotten to the core and has absolutely no morals, no class and dignity!
Dont trust this cheating ********** ! All this piece of **** will ever do is lie, cheat, steal, manipulate and backstab you!
All you will get from this piece of **** is a good dose of STDs (herpes, HIV etc…) !
He is not even attractive with his horseteeths, acne pimples everywhere, and chicken legs !

Here’s this ******* details:
Matthew Smith lives in Clapham/ Brixton area in a dirty flatshare
matt.smith@bnpparibas.com , smithmatt007@yahoo.co.uk , matthew.uk.smith@jpmorgan.com
His screenames are : smithmatt007,MJSLTD, MJSLTD80, Matthew John Smith LTD, Matthew Smith BNP PARIBAS and I’m sure he has many other.
Some of his profiles:

His company:
Matthew John Smith Limited
Office Address:
First Floor, Telecom House 125-135 Preston Road BN1 6AF Brighton

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