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Escort Scams and Safety

This forum is for the discussion of escort scams and safety and for victims to share their stories.

qtkins15@hotmail.com | No Phone

over and over again he constantly emails guys in the Detroit area, he’s unstoppable but he never makes plans or dares to call because he’s so important, actually he’s a flake. I wish I had his number to post it on here. Don’t even reply, he’s a wastes of time.

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206-458-5406 | Peter

Asian guy, in this 50’s, very fat, small dick, grumpy face, nasty and so hipper… I knew I shouldn’t have met him but I did. I was visiting Seattle and I had him over at my hotel. He kept texing me on his way all the details about what he …

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He cheated me, he was done within half hour and wanted to “renegotiate”, don’t deal with him. He seemed insecure about himself and full of issues, on my way to the hotel I thought he would cancel, he kept texting me about my location. He stiffed me out of part …

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310-497-3163 | Joey Canter

Druggie has called twice. Hes been reported on 4 separate occasions by different providers. When you show up the place is filthy multiple guys in the house his name is Joey but he lies n uses his brothers name Dave. He has no money DNS

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